Licking the Bowl - Ericka LutzLicking the Bowl is a book (forthcoming), it’s a podcast, it’s a memoir, it’s the story of a life recreated. It’s Ericka Lutz’s new thing!


Ericka Lutz lives in a Secret Undisclosed Location in the Sierra Foothills with Woodman Dan, Oso the Giant Schnoodle, and a gorgeous flock of lap-sitting chickens. A “retired” member of the UC Berkeley Faculty, she consults, edits, writes, podcasts, performs solo shows, and tells stories. She also stacks her own firewood and does a lot of cooking. On occasion, she teaches writers and performers how to tell their own stories.


Items of note:

SF Weekly once called her “the holy grail of storytelling.”
The San Francisco Chronicle (referring to her novel, The Edge of Maybe) wrote, “Lutz’s delightful family drama skewers all that we enlightened Bay Area folk hold dear…”
• Ericka’s mother says she has such a nicely shaped head that she would look wonderful bald.

Okay, that’s enough. You can check out Ericka’s many books, publications, and credits if you really care (or if you want to hire her); after decades of ambition, she’s working verrrrry hard on giving no f*cks. Sometimes she succeeds.