Chicken Soup

Dress it up, dress it down, Chicken Soup is a cure-all, the Little Black Dress of my culinary wardrobe.


Chicken parts (either a whole chicken cut up, or chicken feet + thighs, or chicken breasts…)






Parsnip (optional)

Fresh dill (brings it up to a new level)

Salt, pepper, as needed or wanted


Chunk the vegetables Put all the ingredients (except the dill) in a big pot and bring it slowly to a simmer. You can skim the scum, or not. Once the meat is done, in about an hour, remove it from the pot, skin and bone it and put the skin and bones back in. Refrigerate the meat. Remove some of the carrot and parsnip pieces and set those aside with the meat. When the broth smells the while house up with joy and hope, ladle off a cup or so of the broth, add salt, and infuse your body. The whole thing should cook for somewhere between one and three hours.

Strain the broth. Refrigerate. The next day, skim the schmaltz and freeze it. To serve the soup, heat broth, add the dill, the chicken pieces, and the vegetables. When hot and aromatic, season with salt and pepper and serve.