Chopped Chicken Livers

Ideally, you always have some chicken fat (schmaltz) frozen in an empty cottage cheese container. I do – when I make chicken stock or soup, I skim the fat off for other applications. Including this one.

Fresh, organic chicken livers (3/4 of a pound should be good for two people)

One or two white or purple onions, sliced thin

Schmaltz, a few tablespoons

A hard-boiled egg

Salt and pepper

Boil an egg (or maybe two). Drain the livers in a sieve or colander in the sink, and pull or cut off as much membrane as you can. Cut the livers in half so they are in even chunks. While the livers are draining, slice and fry the onion in the schmaltz over a medium flame until they are beyond translucent, and some of them are browned. Set the onions aside.

Fry the livers… you may need to add a little more schmaltz. When they are browned but the insides are still pink (not red), transfer them and the onions to a food processor, and grind. Add the egg. You may still need a little more schmaltz. Salt and pepper to taste.