Eggy aka Grandma Eggs

My good memories of my grandmother – so many! – she was the first great love of my life! – include eating soft boiled eggs with her. Like her, I have a rare blood type (B-). Also like her, I don’t like egg whites. In this recipe I can manage to eat about half of them (the dog gets an egg white treat when I am done).


Eggs (usually 2, but maybe 3 if you are only eating the yolks)



Salt and pepper


Into boiling water, softly release the eggs from a slotted spoon. Cook until the white is just cooked through and the yolk is still liquid. This depends on your altitude. (No, not how tall you are.) Here in the foothills, it’s 5 minutes for small eggs, closer to six for big ones. It was almost a minute less in Oakland. While the eggs boil, toast your toast. Tear it into bite-sized pieces, place in a bowl and add a generous amount of butter pieces. Break the eggs over, and scrape out the egg with a spoon. Mash and stir, salt and pepper. You’ll eat this with a spoon.


As an alternate, you can do like my old friend Milo’s dad George used to do. He’d make 5-minute soft boiled eggs in the mornings when I slept over, cutting the crusts off before dicing the buttered (sliced, whole wheat) toast into even squares, and then adding bacon bits. Sometimes I do it that way.